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Polygraph test

Polygraph tests for human resources is a common use of this art. All over the world agencies, companies apply polygraph tests to perform due diligence tests on new employees.

Law enforcement, military, intelligence but also companies that deal in valuable assets and information use polygraph to vet the candidates.

Human resources companies that are subcontracted to execute this task also use this tool to make sure that they are performing their due diligence on the candidate they choose for the company.
H3. Polygraph due diligence tests for pre-employment

Due diligence tests performed on candidates that are applying for a position in a company are especially suitable for positions that deal with valuable assets of the company. This could be cash, funds, expensive material, confidential information, etc.

This polygraph program deals with issues like:

  • Information provided in the curriculum
  • Academic and job background
  • Thefts in companies
  • Abusive absenteeism
  • Start and exit dates of the companies
  • Reasons for leaving a company
  • Judicial history
  • Consumption of illicit substances in the workplace
  • Links with criminal groups
  • Undetected criminal acts
  • Etc.

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Maintenance, monitoring polygraph tests for employees

Polygraph maintenance test human resources

Maintenance or monitoring polygraph tests for employees are a risk management tool to make sure that the employees are not infringing any rule, regulation, method that could put a company in jeopardy.

This is normally applied to workers that are dealing with high value company assets, that could go from cash, funds, machinery, confidential information.

Issues normally dealt with during an employee maintenance polygraph test are:

  • Abusive absenteeism
  • Links with criminal groups
  • Undetected criminal acts
  • Use of illicit substances in the workplace
  • Theft in the company
  • Transmission of confidential information
  • Behaviors contrary to the company’s policy, rules and code of ethics
  • Etc.

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