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Polygraph for defense lawyers in India | Attorneys use lie detector test


Polygraph for defense lawyers is a necessity in India, since the authorities make use of polygraph testing in their investigations. Defense lawyers need to become acquainted with the use of polygraph but also look for the help of professional polygraph examiners that can cross examine the examinations realized by the public authorities.

Be it to cross-examine a polygraph test or to use a professional psycho-physiologist to defend their client, lawyers in India need to become familiar with the use of polygraph.

Polygraph can be applied in different types of cases and codes, like criminal, civil, administrative, sports, commercial, military, etc. Especially in cases where the complaint is based on testimony only, the defendant has not many options to defend him or herself.

It is therefore paramount that any person has access to a tool like this to help create a better defense against possible false accusations. Every case is different and polygraph tests performed for defense lawyers that want to use it to defend their clients are therefore tailored to each individual.

Especially in cases where there is no physical evidence or where the main accusation is based on someone’s testimony, polygraph exams can be of utmost importance to help the juror in its decision making.

Specific legal cases where polygraph testing is most needed:

  • Sex crimes
  • Domestic violence
  • Mobbing, Bullying
  • Contradictory testimonies

However, homicides, theft, industrial espionage, etc. cases might also profit from a polygraph test. So if you are a lawyer and have a case where your client has either falsely been accused and you need help interpreting a polygraph exam condemning your client, do not hesitate to contact us.

We perform polygraph tests all over the country but can also give consulting advice remotely.

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