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Polygraph for companies

Many companies in India deal in valuable assets or information. This puts them in a vulnerable position for external but also internal threats. This is one of the main reasons why companies in India look to perform polygraph tests on employees that handle valuable assets.

Polygraph India has designed different polygraph programs for private companies to help them manage risks. This is valid for human resources matters but also for specific situations that occur in companies.

Below we will explain the different fields where polygraph examinations are applied for companies and what these tests entail.

Pre-employment polygraph test

Human resources

The pre-employment forensic psychophysiological test (pre-employment polygraph) confirms all the information provided by the candidate to the company in the selection process. In this way, the company can make decisions with complete confidence, based on a complete and exhaustive “due diligence” information verified study.

The areas analyzed in the pre-employment polygraph exam are:

  • Information provided in the curriculum
  • Academic and job background
  • Start and exit dates of the companies
  • Reasons for leaving a company
  • Judicial history
  • Consumption of illicit substances in the workplace
  • Thefts in companies
  • Abusive absenteeism
  • Links with criminal groups
  • Undetected criminal acts
  • Etc. ..

Maintenance polygraph test

polygraph human resources

The work of the Human Resources department does not end with hiring the right professional. Appropriate follow-up is necessary to ensure the satisfactory development of the employee. Training programs, motivation clinics, etc., help to increase the productivity of employees, however, in sensitive positions in the company, training and other skills are not enough to protect themselves from harmful behaviors that employees may have and the consequences that they can cause.

When it comes to accompanying the employee in their performance and measuring compliance with company policies, Polygraph India offers its maintenance program, which periodically reviews the risk areas to which employees are exposed, to confirm the absence of threats.

The areas analyzed in a maintenance polygraph exam are:

  • Use of illicit substances in the workplace
  • Theft in the company
  • Abusive absenteeism
  • Links with criminal groups
  • Undetected criminal acts
  • Transmission of confidential information
  • Behaviors contrary to the company’s policy, rules and code of ethics
  • Etc.

Companies specific lie detector test

The specific polygraph test is applied when some negative act happened and needs to be clarified. This test is normally used to obtain information about the facts of the case in order to be able to take a qualified decision. What is normally sought is to know the degree of authorship, participation of an employee in a specific act.

Cases normally dealt with by the specific polygraph test for companies:

  • Transmission of confidential information
  • Internal theft
  • Absenteeism control
  • Vandalism and sabotage
  • Abuse of power
  • Sexual abuse/harassment in the workplace
  • Any other case where trust is essential

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