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Polygraph testing, lie detector in India are a common practice since the beginning of this century. This practice has of course been incentivized by the use of this instrument by the law enforcement authorities and has slowly but surely also become a reality for the private sector.

Polygraph India specializes in servicing the private sector by offering polygraph test solutions to private people, individuals, companies, lawyers but also to the authorities when needed.

Our psycho-physiological detection of deception services, are designed to solve different needs of the diverse actors in society. We divide them in 3 categories or types:

  • Screening tests
  • Specific tests
  • Forensic psycho-physiology

Polygraph screening tests

Polygraph screening tests are normally applied in two areas:

  • Human resources
  • Judicial penitentiary system

When applied in human resources, polygraph tests are used to screen, filter candidates for a job, what is also known as pre-employment polygraph test. Some companies that deal with high valuable assets or information might also decide to submit their existing employees to periodic polygraph tests, which is known as maintenance polygraph test.

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When the polygraph tests are applied in the judicial penitentiary system, they are used to control sentenced people during parole or probation. This means that for certain type of crimes the judicial system might allow certain condemned people probation, after having sat out a part of their jail time. However, due to the nature of their crimes, the judicial system might want to closely watch the behavior of these people, asking them to submit to periodic polygraph test, which are known as maintenance or monitoring tests.

For more information on human resources screening tests, please visit the following page.

If your interest is in PSCOT (Post conviction sex offender treatment) polygraph tests, please send us a message by using any of the methods that you will find in our contact page.

Specific polygraph tests

Specific polygraph tests are exams applied to solve specific cases. A specific case is an issue that normally arises due to a lack of confidence, trust in someone’s testimony. This can happen on a private basis but also in companies, families, business partnership, etc.

Types of specific tests can be for example:

  • Infidelity, fidelity, couple
  • Theft, internal, private home
  • Embezzlement
  • Industrial espionage
  • Sexual molestation
  • Sex crimes in general
  • Murder, homicides
  • Etc.

A specific test can be applied to all types of people, as long as they are voluntarily submitting to the examination. When these tests could actually be used in the judicial system, then a thorough forensic psycho-physiological test should be applied.

Forensic psycho-physiology polygraph testing

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A forensic psycho-physiology test is applied when an exam is meant to be used in the judicial system. These tests follow the same pattern as a specific test but need to respond to forensic standards and follow a forensic methodology.

That is why these types of tests need a different preparation and execution. Sometimes these tests are also designed to help with a certain defense strategy of the defense trying to prove a specific aspect of the crime or offense.

A forensic psycho-physiological test procedure entails:

  • Analysis of case (study of case facts)
  • Definition of test objective in conjunction with defense
  • Execution of the test
  • Elaboration of the forensic expert report

Sometimes there will also be a follow up with an eventual expert testimony during the judgement in court.

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