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Polygraph expert testimony in criminal and civil trials is a service designed to help lawyers, attorneys interpret possible prosecution polygraph examinations.

In India, law enforcement might use polygraph exams during the investigation phase of crimes, felonies. The information obtained during these polygraph exams might later be used during the judgment of their client.

Lawyers do not necessarily understand polygraph procedure. This can hinder them when cross examining the police polygraph report and findings. It is important that the lawyer can have access to professional polygraph examiners that can help them interpret a indicting polygraph test, so that they know what questions to ask and make sure that their client is given a fair judgment.

Polygraph for cross-examination

Polygraph India professionals have received international training in the application of polygraph tests and are not only familiar with the main validated polygraph techniques but also with court proceedings.

Our experts can help lawyers interpret polygraph tests applied on their client and understand where the weaknesses could lay. A professional defense can shine light on a poorly applied examination.

Polygraph expert counter polygraph examination


Sometimes, the accusation has applied the polygraph using the wrong techniques which could have led to wrong conclusions. In cases like this, defense might want to administer a counter polygraph test to have a second opinion. A forensic counter polygraph examination could then be done on the defendant to compare the findings with those of the prosecution.

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