Forensic polygraph

Forensic polygraph test in India | Professional lie detection

forensic polygraph

Forensic polygraph test in India for private clients is possible. Polygraph India specializes in the application of lie detection tests for the private market. This means that Polygraph India will perform tests for individuals that need an expert to scientifically assess their testimony.

In many cases, people feel unfairly treated or accused of a crime, felony or misconduct that they did not commit, or at least not in the way the accusation is made.

In these cases, these individuals need to use some kind of forensic tool that can help them make their case. That is when a forensic polygraph test can be used to strengthen their defense strategy.

A forensic polygraph test is most applied in cases like:

  • Sex crimes, (rape, sexual abuse, molestation, etc.)
  • Domestic violence
  • Civil disputes based on testimonies
  • Homicides
  • Etc.
Polygraph applications

Forensic polygraph tests apply a thorough methodology where the contested item is compared to a paradigm item so that a founded conclusion can be obtained on the authenticity of someone’s testimony.

The process or methodology entails:

  • Analysis of case (study of case facts)
  • Definition of test objective in conjunction with defense
  • Execution of the test
  • Elaboration of the forensic expert report

A possible court hearing with expert testimony could also make part of the service if the juror deems it necessary. For more information on our forensic test service, do not hesitate to contact us.

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