Polygraph lie detector test Delhi

Lie detector tests for the private sector in New Delhi

Polygraph lie detector test Delhi

Polygraph test lie detector test Delhi is a phone call away with Polygraph India.
A polygraph test is not only restricted and limited to the official authorities. Private people can also have access to this technology to solve their personal issues.
Polygraph India is a service provider that specializes in providing services to the private sector in Delhi and other cities in India.

Our polygraph examiners have been trained and receive continuous support from International experienced examiners that help contribute to a more trustworthy society.
If you are a private company or a private person that is looking to solve a specific situation in your activity or life do not hesitate to contact Polygraph India in Delhi.

Polygraph test in Delhi

Polygraph test in Delhi. Delhi being on the most important cities in India presents a high demand for polygraph services. This can be private individuals that have a situation in their life that they need to solve or companies that have to deal with information or assets that they need to protect.
In New Delhi, thousands of companies have to secure their client’s assets or physical life and know that a thorough vetting process of their employees is needed to guarantee the quality of their service.

Lie detector exam New Delhi

Lie detector exam or test in New Delhi for private people. Many times the private sector refers to the polygraph instrument as a lie detector. Although this is a simplification of the profession or psycho-physiologist, at Polygraph India we understand that this misconception exists among the public.
Especially private individuals refer to the polygraph as lie detector. The private sector looks for lie detector to perform tests in issues like:

  • Infidelity, cheating in sentimental relationships
  • Theft
  • Sexual abuse, aggression cases
  • Confirmation of testimony
  • Etc.

Where in Delhi can a lie detector test be done?

polygraph chart

Where in Delhi can a lie detector test be performed? Polygraph India understands that our services are needed in different locations, not only in Delhi but also all over the country. That is why we normally perform the tests at our client’s locations, when for example we do tests for companies, or at a private office nearest to our private clients.
Polygraph India is based in Rohini, at the address:

111, Aggarwal City Square, Mangalam Place, Sector 3, Rohini.

However, we are flexible when it comes down to location because we understand that we need to be flexible. Our portable polygraph instrument is therefore especially suited to give service all over the city and also all over the country.

How to proceed to book a polygraph test?

If you would like to know how to book a polygraph test in Delhi, you need to understand how a professional exam is executed.
Our professional examiners will need to analyse the issue before performing the test. There are certain conditions that need to be taken into account before proceeding with a polygraph test.
The best is to contact our professionals to explain your situation so that we can design the best solution for your very specific situation.
You can contact us by email, or WhatsApp or call us at the number at the bottom of this page. Our professionals will guide you to the process.

What are the necessary conditions to perform a lie detector exam?

There are certain conditions that need to be taken into consideration when realizing a polygraph test. First of all, the test needs to be voluntary, no person can be forced to submit to a lie detector exam.
The examinee needs to be at a legal age to perform this type of test, not be pregnant or have any kind of disability that could invalidate the lie detector exam.

The polygraph examiner will evaluate the fitness of the examinee before beginning the procedure and will always respect the will of the examinee.

Polygraph lie detector test Delhi?

As mentioned before, if you are looking for a polygraph, lie detector test Delhi, use the contact information at the bottom of the page to get all the information you need about this service.

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