Infidelity polygraph test

Lie detector test for infidelity in India | Prove fidelity with a polygraph exam

Infidelity polygraph test India

Polygraph infidelity test in India is possible with professional polygraph examiners. Polygraph India offers validated tailored lie detection exams for proving fidelity or test possible infidelity behaviour.

Our polygraph examiners are trained not only in legal exams but also in delivering to the private sector the trust they are looking for. This is also the case for couples, which oftentimes are confronted to situations where mutual trust is questioned.

This is where our professional examiners can help recuperate the lost trust and clear any suspicions.

Polygraph test for infidelity in couple

Polygraph tests for infidelity matters are common in India. Different reasons will cause couples to do look for lie detector exams.

Many times, the issue is to investigate if during the relationship there has been unfaithful behaviour from one of the partners.

However, every case is different and many couples that have been confronted to a proven infidelity want to make sure that the cheating partner has been completely truthful about the admission and has stopped his or her extra matrimonial relationship.

Anyhow, as mentioned, every case is different and our professional have many years of experience in treating these cases and can help recuperate or keep the trust in the couple.

Lie detector test for cheating partners


Lie detector test for cheating partners, at least accused of cheating by their partner. This is a situation that happens in sentimental relationships. One partner accuses the other partner of cheating, although the suspicions are not based on facts but on doubts.

This situation can cause a toxic situation in the couple and needs to be dealt with for the sake of their relationship.

An infidelity lie detection exam can be the solution for couples that suffer from distrust in each other.

Where to do an infidelity lie detector test in India?

What cities offer infidelity lie detector tests in India? In most of the major cities, infidelity tests can be done. Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Pune, etc.

However, as the polygraph instrument is a portable device, our polygraph examiners are able to perform infidelity polygraph tests in most of the major cities as well as smaller cities of all the provinces.

Most important is to have a private and quite place where these type of tests can be done. If you need more information on the necessary conditions to perform polygraph tests do not hesitate to contact us by email or using the contact phone numbers at the bottom of this page.

Price of an infidelity test

What is the price of a polygraph infidelity test? The price of the service depends on city where the test has to be performed. As mentioned before our polygraph examiners are mobile and can perform the exams all over India, however this will also cause price differences.

On top of the price for the service, additional charges like travel expenses, possible Hotel expenses and office space will have to be added on top of the price.

However, the price range, varies between 35.000 to 50.000 rupees for an infidelity polygraph test depending on the city.

How does a polygraph exam work?

Polygraph applications

A polygraph test follows a certain procedure to ensure the reliability of the exam.
First of all, the exam is voluntary, meaning that the person submitting to the exam has to sign a consent form, where the examinee consents to the exam.

Also, the exam is confidential, the information treated during the exam can only be share with the person or people indicated by the examinee.

An infidelity polygraph test has a duration of 2 to 4 hours, where the only people participating during the test are the examiners and the examinee. During the introduction phase, a third party can be present.

The possible results of a test are:

  • Deception Indicated (The examinee does not pass the test; the answers are considered Lies)
  • No Deception Indicated (The examinee passes the test; the answers are considered Truthful)
  • Inconclusive (The information gathered is not sufficient to give a founded opinion)

After the exam, normally within 24 hours, the results of the test are given to the interested party, in a written form.

For more information about polygraph tests, please visit our Frequently asked Questions section where you will find video answers to the most frequently asked questions about lie detector tests.

If you have more questions about infidelity polygraph tests in India, do not hesitate to contact us, using the phone numbers at the bottom of the page (WhatsApp).

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