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Polygraph test to investigate theft, robbery | Lie detector for theft in India

Polygraph theft

Polygraph tests for theft, robbery in India is a service that helps private people and companies that have been victim of theft to recover lost assets. Companies but also private individuals are sometimes confronted to situations where assets are stolen by either internal actors or by family members.

Types of theft, robbery polygraph tests

When applying theft polygraph tests there are normally two situations that are analyzed. The first one is to test if somebody actually stole the goods, assets, money, etc. and the other one is to investigate if that person could have participated or helped in the theft.

So, we perform two types of theft lie detector tests:

• Authorship
• Investigation

When we do diagnostic polygraph tests for a theft we examine if a person committed the theft, if the person is the author of the test.

In an investigation polygraph test for theft we analyze if the person participated in any way in the theft. This could have been by providing information, allowing the thieves access to the premises, providing logistical help, etc. An investigation test is normally applied when there are more than on suspect or the theft could only have been performed by more people.

Solve theft case for individuals, private people

Polygraph history

Individuals, private people also suffer losses from theft. Especially in their own homes, valuable things can disappear. When these things happen, in the privacy of their homes, this causes distrust among the members of the house.

Then the suspect ring is not only smaller but also very close which can cause negative effects among family members.

Also, there might be domestic employees working at the family’s premises that could be involved in the theft. The family needs to do their due diligence to make sure that the domestic employees are trustworthy and are not involved in the disappearance of their assets.

Investigate theft cases in companies

Companies are oftentimes confronted to thefts and robberies. These losses can have a big toll on the company’s financial results. Therefore, companies set up all kinds of measures to counter these risks. The most common are electronic surveillance systems like access control, Closed Circuit Television system, etc.

In a lot of cases, however, assets and other valuable items can be stolen without the detection of these electronic measures. Especially confidential information is prone to be leaked without the legacy security systems being capable of detecting such a loss.

In cases where the theft is of intellectual property a theft polygraph theft can be the best tool to counter these damages.

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