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Polygraph test for sexual abuse in India | Sex crimes, sexual abuse, molestation

Polygraph test

Sex crimes and the polygraph use. Polygraph tests for sexual abuse cases are a common practice. This is due to the nature of these cases that many times are based on verbal allegations of a supposed victim.

A lot of times these cases are only revealed days, months, years after happening which make it difficult for prosecution to do a proper investigation due to the lack of physical evidence. This fact does also not help the supposed perpetrator to defend himself from possible false accusations, as time might have gone by.

Polygraph tests for sexual molestation, abuse in India

sexual molestation

Polygraph tests for sexual molestation, sex abuse cases in India are becoming an important tool to help solve these oftentimes difficult situations.

These cases are not always as clear as one might see in the news. They can be complicated and hard to deal with by families, when for example a case is within the familiar environment.

The law in India protects the victims from such crimes to a certain extend but there are some gray areas that need to be proven that are not always obvious.

On the other side supposed aggressors don’t always get the opportunity to a fair defense because they are judged on the public place instead of a fair and due process.

Prove innocence from false sexual accusations

Polygraph applications

It is not always easy to prove someone’s innocence in a case of sexual abuse. Many times the accusation is based on a testimony of the supposed victim that could have malign reasons to accuse another person.

Especially in cases where the custody of children is involved, one of the partners might use this type of allegations to obtain a benefice. This might be by using a child or by falsely accusing the other partner of sexual abuse.
A person in a position of falsely being accused of a sexual crime must necessarily try to prove his or her innocence with a scientific tool that can prove the absence or presence of actions that could have happened in the past.

A polygraph test to prove the innocence of false sexual accusations might be the best tool and only scientific option to help prove the innocence.

Sex crimes, criminal sexual offenses and the lie detector

The lie detector and criminal sexual offenses. Many people know the polygraph under the denomination of lie detector. Although this is familiar in public the polygraph is a biofeedback instrument that allows a professional to be able to interpret the psycho-physiological reactions that a person has to certain stimuli.

When applied in a professional way the polygraph can really be used as a lie detector or a tool to assess the credibility of a testimony, even for criminal sex offenses.

So, if you need a lie detector for criminal sexual offenses do not hesitate to contact Polygraph India.

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