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Polygraph for selection, recruitment | Lie detector for human resources in India

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Polygraph tests for selection, recruitment of human resources in companies in India is a growing activity. Especially companies that have to deal with valuable assets need to have a good control on the positions filled.

These companies have a thorough due diligence process while recruiting but can also apply maintenance, follow up tests once the candidates have become employees.

Below we will explain the different applications of lie detection services for human resources in India.

Types of polygraph tests for human resources

Companies normally apply polygraph programs for their human resources when they are either selecting or recruiting a new employee or when they want to accompany that employee in his or her job.

Companies use polygraph for screening purposes, meaning they screen the job candidates on different issues that are important to them. At a later stage, businesses can also apply this type of screening procedure to make sure that the employee is complying with company policies, rules and standards of procedure.

We can divide these two programs in:

  • Pre-employment tests
  • Maintenance tests

For more information on pre-employment tests please visit the following page.

Lie detector for control of human resources

The lie detector to control the compliance of employees is a program also known as maintenance test. This type of program makes sure that the employee is following the standards, rules and regulations in the company.

It is also used to confirm that the employee is complying with the work contract, any NDA he or she might have signed and that no confidential information is passed on to unauthorized people. Companies that are vulnerable to industrial espionage are particular keen on applying the lie detector test to control de human resources.

Specific tests in companies

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Sometimes there are situations in companies where they are confronted to losses, damages, vandalism, sabotage, accidents, etc.

These situations need to be dealt with by management. A thorough investigation on the case will help prevent future losses.

That is when Polygraph India can help investigate the origin and possible perpetrators of the damage.

The cases where Polygraph India normally intervenes in companies are:

  • Internal theft
  • Industrial espionage
  • Sabotage
  • Vandalism
  • Power abuse

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