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Legal polygraph tests in India | Forensic polygraph tests

Polygraph law enforcement

Legal, forensic polygraph tests in India are a reality as law enforcement authorities apply this type of forensic technique in their crime investigations.

Since the beginning of this century the Indian police has been implementing polygraph tests on a broader base. This type of practice has eventually found its way to the justice system that had to deal with the expert witnesses of this science.

This has caused that the defense also had to learn about these cases and how to interpret them so that they could defend their clients.

Below, we try to give an introduction to forensic polygraph testing

Functioning of forensic polygraph tests

Analog polygraph instrument

Forensic polygraph tests differ from conventional polygraph tests since the weight of the argumentation lies with the polygraph examiner that applies the test.

The forensic psycho-physiological test is normally used for legal cases only. These cases can be criminal, civil, administrative but also for military justice purposes.

To apply a forensic polygraph test, the expert needs to have a thorough understanding of the process, so that he or she can design an effective exam.

Then, not only needs the examiner to perform the test but also to explain the basis for his or her result, being completely transparent.

These polygraph test reports are then added to process, be it at the request of the prosecution, defense or even judge.

Finally, the forensic polygraph tests will be submitted to cross-examination by the different parties for full discovery.

Use of forensic polygraph exams

Forensic polygraph exams are especially suited for crimes of moral, where often the charges are based on verbal accusations, where no physical evidence could be found.

Also, when the investigated crime was committed years ago and the possibility to find physical evidence is almost null, forensic polygraph can help explore the profundity of memory.

Authorities in India do use the polygraph in their investigation process, normally in heinous crimes but can also apply this science in cases where the polygraph is especially suitable.

Forensic lie detection for defense lawyers

legal forensic tests

Forensic lie detection for defense lawyers in India has become a must, since many of their clients have been accused after having undergone a polygraph test. On the other hand, defense lawyers can also use a lie detector test to prove the innocence of their client or at least the partial innocence.

The fact is that criminal law attorneys, lawyers can profit from the use of this scientific methodology in their defense strategy.

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