Infidelity, couples

Polygraph for infidelity in India | Lie detector to prove fidelity in couples

Polygraph for infidelity, couples

Polygraph for infidelity, fidelity cases in couples in India is a service that Polygraph India specializes in. Our professionals have a long experience in the application of this type of tests and have helped many couples recover from their crisis.

Every polygraph test is different and we know how to adapt to every case. Every couple might have specific needs. We will try to explain the different types of polygraph exams for couples.

Polygraph to restore confidence in couples

There are situations where couples lose confidence in one another. Sometimes, the distrust is founded but there are also occasions where the distrust is based on false assumptions. To clear up these suspicions couples decide to undergo a polygraph test.

An infidelity, fidelity polygraph test can restore the confidence that might have been lost and bring peace back to the relationship.

Process of infidelity couples polygraph test


The process of an infidelity polygraph test consists of different phases. First of all, the polygraph examiner needs to understand the objective of the test, what needs to be cleared up, proven or tested.

Once the objective is clear the examiner will explain the polygraph exam process, the functioning of the instrument.

Later the expert will interview the person submitting to the test about the issue under investigation. This testimony will then be tested with the lie detector or polygraph instrument using questions formulated by the expert.

The psycho-physiological data registered during the before mentioned step is then analyzed by the examiner to arrive to a conclusion on the honesty of the examinee.

The examiner will then write the findings in a report that will be sent to the people mentioned in the polygraph consent form.

Common lie detector tests for infidelity

Polygraph test

Every couple is different and the needs might differ from test to test. However, when it comes down to infidelity lie detector normally there are two situations that couples want to test.

The first and obvious is to know if the partner has cheated, being unfaithful during the relationship. There are also occasions where a treason occurred but the couple wants to give itself another chance. Then the polygraph test will investigate if the cheating partner has been honest in his or her confession.

There might of course be other situations and we can help solve most distrust issues within the relationships. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

Contact information for infidelity polygraph test

If you would like to undergo or hire an infidelity polygraph test in India you can contact us through our contact channels, e-mail, phone, WhatsApp or Telegram.

We perform tests all over India, in the major cities but also in smaller cities. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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