Polygraph test applications in India | How is the lie detector used?

Polygraph applications

Polygraph applications. Polygraph or lie detector in India has been used for many years. Due to the nature of this expertise the first users were the authorities, which had access to the technology.

Fortunately, the technology and the skillset needed to apply polygraph tests became more accessible and nowadays private experts also can offer this needed knowledge to society at large.

Polygraph has developed through the years and also adapted to market needs and become an important tool for many market players.

Nowadays, polygraph exams are applied at human resources level in the selection, recruitment process but also in risk management. Private companies use this investigation tool in their hiring due diligence processes. For more information, please visit the selection, recruitment page.

Private people, individuals, now also have access to this tool to help them take important decisions in their life. One of the issues that people are confronted to is the fidelity, trust, honesty in the relationship. Many couples look for the polygraph to test infidelity, fidelity in couples be it to investigate suspicions or to prove false accusations of infidelity.

For more information on infidelity, fidelity, couple polygraph tests in India, visit the page explaining the infidelity, fidelity, couple polygraph test.

Companies and private people are sometimes confronted to thefts of their property. This might be more common in companies as they deal in valuable goods or services. Companies need to pursuit these situations to control their losses. It is paramount for these companies to perform a thorough due diligence in cases of theft, losses so that they control this risk. In the majority, these theft cases are either internal or helped internally.

Private people also can be confronted to cases of theft in their homes, that can be performed by people that have access to their properties. This can be domestic employees, family members, friends, etc. Individuals need to know who their have in their own homes and might need to hire an external expert to help them find the person that committed the theft. For more information, please visit the theft polygraph test page.

Sex abuse

Sexual abuse cases are becoming more and more visible in modern society. Especially cases that happen in a family environment can be difficult to deal with. Sometimes, it can be the vengeance of somebody, falsely accusing another member of the family but in other cases these outcries are based on the truth. If you would like to know more about the use of polygraph exams in cases of sexual abuse, please visit the following page.

Unfortunately, in life, there can be situations where somebody is wrongly accused of a crime. Especially in situations where the accusation is based on the testimony of a third party, it can be difficult to prove the innocence in a court of justice.

Polygraph India can help by administering a forensic psycho-physiological expertise to prove the innocence of a falsely accused person. For more information, please visit the following page on forensic polygraph testing.

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